Benefits of Amla Honey / Indian Gooseberry.

Amla honey


Amla Honey

Amla is a Hindi word. It is commonly known as Indian Gooseberry. The scientific name is Phyllanthus emblica. It has so many medicinal values. By looking into the title, readers may come to a conclusion that Amla is soaked into honey. It’s a worn-out idea.

Seasons Maker is producing Amla Honey in a different method. Bees actually collect nectar from the flowers, especially from Amla flowers. A question may pop up in the readers’ mind. Like how the bees particularly get the nectar from Amla flowers? Yes Seasons Maker is getting the honey from the beehives which are built in Amla tree garden.  Amla tree garden it is not something silly like hardly ten trees together and named it as a garden.

Seasons Maker is practicing beekeeping at a huge place where so many Amla saplings have planted and grown into trees. 23 Acers of Amla garden isn’t a huge place. Honeybee boxes are kept in the garden. Bees do build its beehives there. So the bees get the nectar only from Amla tree, not from any other flowers. It is the time to think deeply about this product.

End consumers wake up and think wise. Why should Seasons Maker get intense in this work and practice beekeeping? The reply to this question is simple, nutritional values. Amla has stupendous values which build the life of human beings.

None of the companies is executing this particular idea of nectar from Amla flowers. Seasons Maker is the only company who has started it first. Innovation must need attention. Never miss trying this new product out of innovation.

Ensure the quality and purpose of usage. If it is Seasons Seasons Maker’s product it would make the consumers tension free. The next to discuss is the purpose of usage.

Amla is a tiny fruit which has the value of vitamin c. The vitamin present in this tiny fruit is equivalent to the vitamins present in two orange. Immunity plays an important role in body science. Any sickness that affects the human body it first tests the pulse of the immune system. Amla helps in the best way to build good immune system.


Age and look of a human being, this simple topic makes lots and lots of money for cosmetic companies. Nature too has a solution for all the problems created in the human body. Amla has the ability to rejuvenate the skin. It reduces age marks appear on the face. It controls ions, the so-called free radicals. Amla stabilizes the free radicals.

People with poor eyesight can improve their eye power by consuming amla. Impure blood may cause pimples; it is easy to cure by consuming amla. Amla and neem give good treatment for such pimples.

Nectar collected from amla flowers have become honey. Seasons Maker doesn’t add any preservatives. The essential nutrients are actually staying actively until it is heated. Other merchants sell honey which is heated in particular temperature. Seasons Maker never heat the product. The raw amla honey is sold by Seasons Maker.

Benefit of raw honey, no matter what kind of honey it is, it can be either moringa honey or amla honey. All the raw honey has their essential values. Amla is already good in stabilizing free radicals again raw honey is also able to stabilize them. It has a good source of Antioxidants.

Phytonutrients are like the bodybuilders for plants. Since nectar is collected from plants, honey is also rich in phytonutrients. If honey has processed, this value will be lost.

These are the sufficient nutrients present in amla and Honey. Now imagine both combining together, and then definitely amla honey is opulent in nutritional values.

Amla honey

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